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Jesus Christ is the Way, and the only way to eternal life in the presence of our Heavenly Father.  Jesus is the glorified Son of God; the Word of ​​God manifest in the flesh, crucified for our sins, resurrected on the third day, and now seated at the right hand of the Father.  On the day of Pentecost, the Father and the Son sent a joint gift of the Holy Spirit as a comforter, a guide, and for power to carry on the Earthly ministry of Christ in these last days.  But we must live holy lives by giving heed to the Word of God in all that we do.  Those who obey the Word of God are friends of God.  If we have no relationship with Jesus when He returns, or by the time our earthly life expires, there will be no reunion and no more chances.
Under the Blood Ministries

​​​​Under the Blood Ministries is a non-profit global ministry based in Maple Valley, Washington.

​​Its founder is world evangelist Brian Biggar, an ordained minister and Elder of the historic Seed of Abraham Pentecostal Church, Inc.  He was recently consecrated as Missions Director to Africa.  Minister Chusita Biggar conducts conferences abroad, edifying the daughters of God and holding the sword with her husband.

​​Together they walk with a mantle, and a strong assignment from the Lord in these last hours before the final trumpet is blown.  God has raised them up together as an ember of the early Church.  Their purpose is Pentecostal revival through world evangelism; continuing the earthly work of our Lord by preaching His Word and confirming its truth with signs and wonders.  UTBM holds evangelistic crusades and mass revivals around the world; for the salvation, healing, and liberating of multitudes.

They are also called to a ministry of training; educating and encouraging pastors and leaders for meaningful service in the Kingdom of Christ. They teach effective leadership and the construction of strong church bodies through the power of love, unity, and Biblical principles.

Their missionary visitations are generally conducted in churches, villages, and slums in the less affluent areas of the world; preaching the Word of God, and ministering to the sick, suffering, bereaved, and oppressed; one soul at a time, or to millions via radio in Africa and regular television broadcasting in Pakistan.

​​Under the Blood Ministries manages churches outside of the United States. As legal overseer of these ministries, they are able to continue training without the restrictions that come with visitation, and so the missionary aspect of UTB is expanded to meet local needs on a continual basis.

It is also a priority of UTB Ministries to encourage and spiritually equip the educational, commercial, and legal systems; visiting classrooms, meeting with faculties, praying over businesses with shop owners, blessing court buildings and offices, and holding prayer sessions with judges.

As part of the Seed of Abraham Pentecostal leadership team, they preach every month on the street to the homeless, drug addicted, and afflicted; hold services in the local jails; and visit the sick in nearby hospitals.


It is the goal of UTB Ministries to win souls for the Kingdom of Christ; setting captives free and leading prodigals home. We love to celebrate with surrendered souls as they receive the abundant life that is promised (John 10:10). John 3:3 makes clear that it is only through rebirth that one can see the Kingdom of God; therefore, we endeavor to lead souls out of the darkness (1 Peter 2:9) by opening eyes to the light of the Truth (Psalm 119:18). Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). The corruptible man (1 Peter 1:23) can not see beyond the limits of the flesh; he must be clothed upon (2 Corinthians 5:4) with the life of Jesus, so that the Truth can set him free (John 8:36).