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Chusita Biggar
Chusita Pocasangre was delivered into this world without human hands in the country of El Salvador, where poor living conditions continued to compromise her health, and civil war constantly drove her into hiding.  She knew a level of famine that literally reduced her meals to dirt, and has had to hold her breath with the enemy hunting for her just inches away.  But she also came to know the God who preserved her at birth, overshadowed her life from infancy, and defended her from death and peril.

21 years later, at the appointed time, the Lord moved her to Seattle, Washington, and continued to oversee her life.  In November of 1999, in the midst of a marriage proposal and pending engagement, the Lord dispatched a message to her, dissuading her from accepting the proposal and assuring that He had a husband coming.  So she discontinued her consideration of the current offer, and waited upon the Lord.  In 2001, she met a man who had just surrendered his spousal rights to God, and been praying very earnestly and specifically for a wife.  In March of 2002, she became the wife of Brian Biggar.

In January of 2003, Chusita began serving in the church she had been attending, ​alongside her husband as cell group leader, usher, deacon, youth pastor, treasurer and secretary, as the Lord continued to move them through every office in what the Lord later classified as "an education."  In May of 2010, God plucked them up from that field and replanted them at the Seed of Abraham Church in Renton, Washington, where a prophetic word from the Lord authenticated the transition on their first visit.

Chusita "Esther" Biggar continues to serve God alongside her husband, now an ordained minister, church elder, world evangelist, and missions director to Africa.​ She is the co-founder of Under the Blood Ministries, an intercontinental outreach that has brought many to the Lord through her God-given gifts, and the word of her testimony, both locally and globally.
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